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REMA TIP TOP Introduces Innovative Premium Pulley Lagging


REMA TIP TOP has developed a new Performance line of the industry standard REMAGRIP that can withstand extreme operating conditions while providing the service life and reduced maintenance costs expected on a REMA TIP TOP product. Engineered and manufactured in Germany with the REMA TIP TOP dedication to quality and excellence, the new PERFORMANCEGRIP 70 products include pulley lagging and strip lagging. A 61% increase in abrasion resistance, from 100 to 39 mm3, and a 65% improvement in tear growth resistance, from 17 to 28 N/mm, makes PERFORMANCEGRIP 70 the industry leader for pulley lagging.

Having production at German locations allows REMA TIP TOP to use innovative, high-performance additives of European origin. In addition, production is carried out in accordance with the stringent requirements of the European chemicals regulation REACH, which ensures a high level of protection for the environment and human health when substances are involved. REMA TIP TOP’S extensive experience and material knowledge in the field of rubber technology have gone into the optimization of lining materials and pulley lagging for extreme environments.

The premium pulley lagging REMA PERFORMANCEGRIP 70 is a highly efficient form of wear protection and lagging for driven pulleys in conveyor belt systems. It ensures stable conveyor belt operation and withstands even the most demanding operating conditions – in wet and dry conditions alike. The profiling allows a high degree of dirt and water absorption, while the low abrasion value promises a long service life.

“While the rest of the industry is focused on increasing profitability at the cost of material performance, REMA TIP TOP has always been focused on providing the highest quality material to solve the industry’s problems. When you lead the industry in quality you have to continuously look for new, innovative ways to help your customers. We know that downtime is the most costly burden our customers bare and the PERFORMANCEGRIP materials were developed to reduce downtime and improve operations.” - Jim Bishop, VP of Material Processing for REMA TIP TOP NA.

Joe Jernigan, VP of Industrial Products adds, “REMA TIP TOP set the bar pretty high years ago for long lasting rubber lagging that could be applied in the field. Ceramic lagging was introduced for heavy duty conditions, but is overkill for a lot of applications. Rema’s new PERFORMANCEGRIP bridges the gap with wear characteristics typically unheard of for rubber lagging.”


For decades REMA TIP TOP has offered its customers in the material processing, surface protection and automotive sectors solutions that are specifically engineered to meet their application needs. As one of the largest specialists in the world for the repair of tires of all kinds, REMA TIP TOP actively contributes to and drives change in the automobile sector through its safe, environmentally-friendly and efficient products and systems solutions – a core capability given the need for climate protection, emission control legislation and finite oil reserves. Under the guiding principle of “We manage your workshop”, REMA TIP TOP places its trust in close partnerships with both the tire and automobile industries and the specialized trade.

REMA TIP TOP stands for quality, service and innovative solutions in all of its business segments: ONE BRAND – ONE SOURCE – ONE SYSTEM

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