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Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting

Fenner Dunlop’s Next Generation of Economical Plied Belting- PatriotX


Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting has released the next generation Patriot Product line - PatriotX. This innovative, yet economical, conveyor belt is designed to exceed performance expectations for operations that require bulk material handling for their light to medium duty applications, which include aggregate, sand, cement, gravel, pulp and paper operations. The PatriotX carcass is available in 200, 275, and 350 PIW ratings, compared to the first generation Patriot which was configured in 220 and 330 PIW ratings. This next generation belting, is already attracting attention in the market. Since the product launch in late 2017, Fenner Dunlop has not only received positive feedback from within our Distribution network, but has also won several orders for the new product in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

What makes the PatriotX so unique? The design of the PatriotX incorporates a patented single unit carcass construction with dual crimp warp. The design provides excellent resistance to rips, tears, impacts and punctures using a technologically advanced and patented belt fabric design compared to other economical belt offerings. The unique fabric weave allows for improved mechanical fastener retention efficiency and ultimate dynamic splice life over conventional single and multi-plied conveyor belting products. This improved performance is exhibited across all fastener types including plate, rivet and loop staple designs. The lower gauge of the PatriotX carcass compared to similar tension rated multi-plied fabric belting allows for smaller diameter pulleys throughout the conveyor system as well as superior troughability, tracking and load support. The fabric construction and treatment process result in enhanced resistance to edge ravel, moisture, and mildew. In addition, the unique fabric design allows for superior fabric adhesions for both wet and dry applications. The PatriotX also has a safety rating greater than 8:1 and is finger splice compatible. PatriotX allows our customers an alternative to import and low cost domestic belt. All of these unique design elements of the PatriotX help to avoid costly repairs, downtime and potentially detrimental damage to an operation’s conveyor system. Along with the improved design of the PatriotX belting, comes an improved method of splicing. The Next Generation of Patriot uses a new and innovative finger splice design that optimizes performance and reduces vulcanizing time. No other belt splicing process in the market compares to this new and innovative technique.

If you are interested in learning more about the new PatriotX product line, please visit the FDA website, YouTube channel, Facebook Page or Twitter page. Here you will find links to the PatriotX product videos. You can also contact a member of our customer service team directly at 1-800-661-2358.

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