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Belt Tech Industrial Inc

Belt Tech Industrial, Serving The Mining Industry For 30 Years


In 2021, Belt Tech Industrial is celebrating 30 years of being in business. It is a mining service company and among other things will be offering promotional discounts throughout the year as part of their celebration. The business is family-owned and operated, headquartered in the city of Washington, Indiana.

Keeping a large inventory of conveyor belting in stock drastically reduces lead times from order to installation. That inventory includes impact-resistant, oil-resistant, fire retardant, MSHA Part 14, SBR, EPDM High heat, PVC, SCORF, and more. 

Custom fabrication is a big part of Belt Tech Industrial’s services. Their VP of Business Development notes: “Our hole punching capabilities have grown tremendously since we purchased our CNC Machine.” This has made possible precision assembly of bucket elevator belts, self-cleaning magnet belts, or combo belts. 

“It’s pretty exciting to think that we’re in our 30th year,” notes COO Chris Kimball, “we have people working here, who started at the very beginning, which is pretty cool.” What started as three brothers splicing conveyor belt has grown to include service branches in Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee and Oklahoma, while at the same time building a reputation of dependability, quality and safety.

Commenting on the founders of the company, which include his father and two uncles, CEO Jordan Russell relates: “They always had good values and were willing to work hard. That’s the basis for where we are now. That was the foundation, and we try not to forget that.” The company’s core values are honesty, integrity, respect, drive and pride. “Our core values are very important to us as a company,” says Chris and he emphasizes that they form the basis for each decision made. 

In discussing the company’s view of success, Jordan says: “We’re being successful if people can come into work, be happy with the work environment, go home safely to their families and bring home a paycheck.” Jordan also explains that good employees are the company’s greatest asset and an integral part of their success. When adding people to the team, “We find the person first,” observes Chris, “then we find a position that will fit that person.” 

Thirty years is an important milestone for any business. The owners would like to thank the employees and customers who have made it all possible. They are also excited about continuing to grow the company’s legacy in the next 30 years.


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