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Chiorino America, Inc.

Chiorino Releases TPO Polyolefin Belts


Chiorino America is pleased to announce the first two in a family of TPO Polyolefin belts. 2MT4 U0-O2 W A (white) and 2MT4 U0-O2 Blue A are available from stock now. These belts are intended to complement our industry-leading HP belt range for processing sticky food products like: granola, chocolates, gum, soft candies, breakfast and snack bars, and other sticky cookie doughs.   

In addition to excellent release properties, the TPO compound offers excellent chemical, oil, and fat resistance to provide long life and easy cleaning.  

The very smooth, calendared TPO cover offers a release similar to silicone, but with much better abrasion resistance which means high-production efficiency with very little scrap or waste. A scraper is not needed for most products, but may be a helpful assist on the most sticky. If necessary, a softer “dual durometer” scraper is recommended. 

The “MT” fabric construction is perfect for horizontal conveying, troughing, or power turn applications. 

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