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Peggy Anthony

ASGCO’s® Lift Bed - Diverter Plow Improves Bulk Material Handling

Many situations in bulk handling require material to be separated to different transfer points or receptacles.  ASGCO®’s new Lift Bed – Diverter Plow is specifically designed to handle that task, and at a more cost-effective than a traditional tripper conveyor.

The Lift Bed – Diverter Plow is a pneumatically operated impact bed that lifts the conveyor belt from full trough to zero (0°) into a stationary diagonal plow. The urethane diagonal plow, which includes two Spring-shoc tensioners, enables the lift bed to apply the proper tension and not pinch or damage the belt.  This increases production and allows the belt to experience a limited amount of stress, eliminating the opportunity for premature wear and stretching.

“This fully automated bulk material diverter plow system is a real game changer because it allows users to fully clean and divert materials at designated locations.  The diagonal plow discharges material from either side of the conveyor as specified by the customer during design, which makes it uniquely suited for any situation,” said Aaron Gibbs, President of ASGCO®
The plow can be automated by either the push of a button or set-up on a timer or PLC system.  It is designed with a rugged steel structure for the toughest of mining environments and conditions including those in aggregate, coal, pulp and paper and bulk material handling industries.
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